Is immigration reform good for my business?

Several people have asked me whether immigration reform will be good for my business?  Some seem to think that I won’t have any clients left because everyone will simply get a work permit and no one will need immigration services.

Here is why I think immigration reform would actually be good for business.
1. Congress never does anything easy.  While it sounds simple to just create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people, it’s going to be really complicated.  How do I know this?  It’s always complicated!  That’s just the way of things.  So I will have plenty of work trying to help people navigate whatever legal hurdles Congress and the government agencies institute for immigrants to jump through.
2. There will not ever be a law passed that actually applies to everyone.  Again, how do I know?  Because it’s never happened before.  There will be qualifiers – length of time, family relationships, criminal history, etc. When there are qualifiers, there will be legal arguments to be made as to why some borderline cases qualify. There’s some more work for me.
3. Even if everyone got a green card just by showing up somewhere and that was that, people would still need help immigrating family members from abroad.  They would also want help with naturalization (becoming a citizen).  Some would still face deportation proceedings.  There will also be new people who want to enter or came after a broad amnesty.

So, in conclusion, don’t worry about me.  There will always be plenty of immigration work as long as there are immigration regulations.  If you want to put me out of business, then lobby for open borders.

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