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“I’m very grateful in the way Bankston Immigration handled my case. I highly recommend them because they offer a payment plan, give great legal advice as well as fast service. I felt great working with them that I will be returning to them to work on my citizenship application. Thank you very much and I hope you continue to help those in need, as well as for those who have no knowledge as to how every case works.”- M.B.P

“Our short summary here at Bankston was a positive outlook for my wife and I. I couldn’t believe how time flies quick. Our first visit was a question mark. Another attorney, this was our 4th attorney, guessing if this was the right one. The journey here at Bankston was awesome. I can’t believe everyone has worked so hard on our case. The only thing I would add is a branch in the south bay. You (Rocio), Dustin, Yajaira, and to all the staff that helped Patricia and family have a less stressed life. She and I have the ability to have freedom. Thanks for all your hard work. Recommend it to all referrals. Thanks again.” – B.P.L

Grace P.'s Review
Grace P.

5 Stars

Bankston Immigration is a reputable immigration firm run by a team of highly skilled attorneys, effective management, and five-star staff. I collaborate…

Art K.'s Review
Art K.

5 Stars

I applied for an immigrant visa for my mother and I had initiated the application on my own believing that it should be a fairly simple process. I was able…

Jay L V.'s Review
Jay L V.

5 Stars

Immigration law…just the thought of starting anything related to that is enough to give anyone a headache and perhaps mild anxiety attack….