Customer Service

We believe in providing the best possible service to all of our clients.


We are conveniently located in Berkeley on Bancroft Way.  Our firm has full-time reception.  We offer regular appointments Monday to Friday.  We also have frequent Saturday appointments which are very popular with many of our clients.

When you retain Bankston Immigration, we assign a specific attorney and a specific staff member to work on your case.  You will always be able to contact your assigned attorney and staff member to get answers to any of your questions.  If your attorney or case worker is busy, he or she will call you back as soon as possible.

We cater to our clients’ tastes in communication.  If you want a law firm that offers ample face-to-face meeting time, we can work with your schedule to have you come in to the office as much as needed for your case.  If you prefer to work electronically or through the phone, we have an infrastructure that makes it easy to get in contact when you need and upload documents and information to us through the internet. 

Our team works hard to make sure that you feel taken care of and that you have the attention you need to feel confident about your immigration plan.