Low Fee and Humanitarian Work

Bankston Immigration is dedicated to to Low-fee Work and Humanitarian Immigration and has a thriving humanitarian immigration practice area.


We assist many victims of crime, victims of domestic violence, individuals fleeing persecution, indigenous Guatemalans, and gay and transgender individuals.

Many of the clients that we help in the humanitarian immigration practice area have limited resources.  Some are unable to receive help from the non-profit organizations in our area for various reasons.  However, they cannot afford standard legal fees from private attorneys.

We have developed a service model that we hope bridges the gap between non-profit legal aid and private attorneys.  We offer smaller down payments and ask for the remainder of the balance to be paid in small monthly payments.  We also strive to keep our legal fees in this area as low as possible while still maintaining the highest quality of service.

If you are a non-profit organization and are unable to assist all of the immigrants that come to you for aid, please contact us to find out more about our pricing and payment plans.  The majority of our team comes from a non-profit background and we share your goal in assisting vulnerable communities. We can be a resource to you if you need a reliable low-fee law firm to which to refer individuals seeking help.