Our Clients

We have many types of clients at Bankston Immigration.  As a full-service immigration firm, we work with individuals and businesses from many backgrounds and with diverse needs.


Here are some examples of the types of clients we assist here:

  • A woman that was abused severely in her home country by a domestic partner and fears to return because of this abuser.

  • An entrepreneur who has dreamed to start his company in the United States and is ready to take the jump.

  • A vulnerable immigrant that was robbed at gunpoint.

  • A company that desires to hire highly-trained professionals from abroad.

  • A person who was arrested and is now in immigration proceedings.

  • An American citizen who has met the love of his life and wants to bring his bride-to-be to the U.S.

  • A gay Mexican who cannot bear to return to Mexico because of the harm he would suffer there.

  • An American citizen who wants to help her spouse and parents to gain legal status in the United States.

  • A permanent resident who is ready to study hard and become a citizen.

We also value our relationships with social workers, non-profits, law enforcement agencies, accountants, and attorneys in other practice areas.  Our team believes in working collaboratively to meet the needs of our clients.