Provisional Waiver

Recently, the Obama Administration released a new program to benefit the spouses of US Citizens who are in the country undocumented.


If you are in this situation, you may qualify for what is known as the provisional waiver.

Traditionally, undocumented spouses of US citizens have been required to wait for an extended amount of time outside of the country in order to receive a green card.  The long wait was caused by the processing time for an extreme hardship waiver which is required to reenter the country.

Now, certain spouses of US citizens can apply for this waiver inside the country and wait with their families for the waiver to be granted.  The undocumented spouse is still required to travel to the consulate in his or her country of origin.  However, in most cases, he or she will be able to reenter the country in a very short amount of time.

Contact us if you and your spouse are interested in finding out more about the provisional waiver or if you qualify.