The T-visa is an immigration benefit for victims of human trafficking.


There are two broad types of trafficking – sex work and labor.  In order to qualify for a T-visa, the victim must be in the United States and the trafficking must have occurred in the U.S.  While not in every case, the victim generally needs to have reported the trafficking to the authorities.  Since this visa is very complicated, it’s important to check with an attorney if you believe you may be or have been a victim.  Instances of trafficking do not just include scenarios in which the victim is held against his or her will.  It can also be a situation in which someone is forced to work against his or her will by means of threats.  Someone who has to pay a debt with work as opposed to just money can sometimes be a victim of trafficking.  Or someone who was abused by a smuggler in route to the U.S. may qualify.

If you have questions about the T-visa program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.