Many immigrants in the United States become victims of various types of crime.


The United States government has created a special visa to assist immigrant victims who meet the qualifications listed here.

  1. Victim of a qualifying crime.  There is a special list of crimes that are eligible.  Some common crimes that may qualify are robbery, assault, battery, domestic violence, false imprisonment, and sexual abuse.
  2. Helpful in investigation or prosecution.  The victim of the crime must do something to help the police or district attorney in investigating or prosecuting the crime.  The help given by the immigrant can sometimes be as simple as making a police report or as complex as participating as a witness in trial.
  3. Suffered substantial physical or emotional trauma.  Often victims of crime have medical records.  However, many victims did not suffer physical harm.  We have resources to evaluate emotional trauma caused by the crime.

If you are a victim of crime, you should find out if you can qualify for a U-visa.  This area of law can be complex.  Our firm can take your U-visa case from start to finish.